Taylor Hanson: MMMBop Was “Almost Prophetic”

By | March 13, 2022

Hit Australia 

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The legend that is Taylor Hanson from Hanson joined the Hit Network as we approach the date of their new album’s release, so we put it to Taylor…

What’s your thought process whenever anyone plays you MMMBop?

Take a listen here: 

As you’ll hear, Taylor is justifiably proud of the tune that made the brothers a household name.

“It’s almost a different lifetime, 25 years ago, but I’m proud of that song,

“It’s a song we wrote, and if you dig into it it’s almost prophetic,

“It talks about hanging on to things that matter and theorising that things are fleeting, you just have to dig into stuff that’s going to count.”

Of course, the full chat was everything you’d expect!

The new release ‘Red Green Blue’, made up of three solo projects by the band members, comes out on May 20.

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