By | November 2, 2021

Modern Drummer

Welcome to an exceptional Modern Drummer “Pop Up Podcast” with Billy Amendola, Lauren Monroe, Rick Allen, and a few of our beautiful friends who pop in to give back and show their support (we’re not going to give it away, you have to watch). This podcast was a fun one (the out-takes “off the record” are even more incredible) but, as much fun as we had to put this together, it’s a severe issue that we all need to help with. Would you please go to the MD website and the Raven Foundation for more details and info for “12 Drummers Drumming” and support our veterans?

We all want to wish Rick a happy birthday today, and what better way to celebrate! (November 1) Everything he and Lauren and their foundation has done over the past twenty years is a blessing for the world and has helped so many people. We’re all grateful that we all get to be in a position to help make the world a better place. Please join us. Remember, “one world.” Please watch, share to get the word out, and God Bless us all.

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