Hanson’s turn as Russian Dolls on ‘The Masked Singer’ snags FOX Super 6 player stacks of cash

By | May 15, 2021


FULL INTERVIEW: Hanson revealed on latest episode of The Masked Singer

The band made Masked Singer history as the first-ever group to participate in the show. Hanson discussed new music, shows and their experience on the hit FOX show.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson, famous for their hit single “MMMBop,” rocked the “The Masked Singer” stage in Wednesday night’s reveal, totally fooling the audience.

The brothers called the experience “fun, isolating, challenging.”

And though “The Masked Singer” did not keep the Russian Dolls around for another week, the characters’ reveal left viewers shocked and one FOX Super 6 player $10,000 richer.

Only five costumes remained at the top of Wednesday’s feisty five battle: Black Swan, the Russian Dolls, Chameleon, Piglet and Yeti. And while the Russian Dolls teamed up for some incredible performances, they were finally ousted from their nest and revealed as 90’s icons and pop-rock trio Hanson.

“We really liked that it was about singing,” Taylor told FOX Television Stations.


“You’re going on stage, and you’re no longer you. You’re some new character that you’re creating. I think that’s a really powerful experience, a powerful way to try and rethink what you can add to performing when really people are in the audience and we are playing as Hanson, and hopefully, that will add that much more to kind of the way we do things going forward,” Zac shared.

The band made “Masked Singer” history as the first-ever group to participate in the show, which made the process incredibly challenging.

“Not only were we doing it for the first time, but the whole team was trying to figure out how to make it work for the first time,” Zac said.

Next year, the brothers will celebrate a momentous 30 years as a band, and they say their musical style still continues to evolve.


Hanson was revealed as the Russian Dolls on Wednesday night’s episode of The Masked Singer. (FOX)

“You have things that will forever remain the same. One of those things obviously would be harmony,” Isaac said. “When you’re going through the inevitable changes of life, especially from being young kids, teenagers to adulthood and so on, there’s a lot of life that gets poured into those songs.”

Zac continued, “Evolution as an artist isn’t really about leaving behind what you were, it’s about adding something new to what you are, and that has been a continual process for us, year after year after year. You develop your skills, you develop more perspective, and those experiences pour into the songs you write.”

But Hanson believes the group’s evolution will not shift to costumes and choreography like they donned in “The Masked Singer.”

“We discovered we definitely will not be adding costumes,” Zac laughed.

But “The Masked Singer” isn’t the only surprise from the group this year. Hanson is making 2021 all about new music with their seventh studio release, “Against The World,” set to premiere in seven consecutive monthly singles throughout the year.

Their debut single “Annalie” was released earlier this week.

“I think it’s really unique. I don’t think we’ve released anything quite like this. I like that curveball element,” Isaac said of the new single.

The group’s project will usher in a stream of new content including music videos for each of the seven tracks and a summer concert series, offering both livestream and limited in-person tickets.

“We are inviting fans to go on a journey. We’re taking a journey of discovery with the audience,” Taylor revealed.

And while Hanson will not be able to participate in the final four on “The Masked Singer,” it still left another lucky fan with $10,000.

Jenna from Michigan, who watches “The Masked singer” every week, was Wednesday evening’s winner.

Questions this week included, “How many Russian Dolls will sing?”, “Does Cluedle-Doo interrupt the panel?” and “Who is going to be unmasked on Wednesday night?”

Only 12% of participants were able to correctly guess that the Russian Dolls would be sent home, and while Hanson won’t make it to the final four, the brothers said “it was a great experience.”

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