HANSON: Music Videos Done, Nightcap Coming!

By | April 16, 2021

We have been capturing a lot of new visuals to go with the new album that will find its way to you in 2021, can’t wait to share.


Wow, what a week we have been having, good, but so very full. We have been filming and now editing music videos for the songs on Against The World, and they are coming out great. It feels so good to finally be listening to finished mixed music, after spending all of 2020 just trying to make sense of how to share music. Listening to the songs for the new album, Against The World, it is hard to believe they were written in 2019, because they feel so crafted for this moment in the world. It is amazing how stories can meet you where you are.

On another note, we are planning a special Members Only Nightcap stream on May 6th. Though our HANSON Day celebrations will be taking place later in the month, May 6th was the date officially dubbed HANSON Day, and we thought it would be a perfect moment to let members in on what’s coming, and celebrate before things get crazy busy. Look for all the detail in next week’s newsletter. We can’t wait to see you then.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

MEMBER EXCLUSIVE: This year “HANSON Day” is happening ALL WEEK LONG with a mix of streaming broadcasts and live concerts May 17th through 23rd!

Festivities kick off with the world premiere of Crossroads, our 2021 Members Only EP, and it all culminates with the HANSON Day live concert on Saturday May 22nd, and Members only Nightcap Sunday the 23rd. We are so grateful for this amazing community of fans that have helped us pull through one of our toughest years ever, and are really excited to share a full week of music, cool projects, and of course our plans for the future. HANSON Day is both a celebration of our anniversary, but also of you, the Hanson.net community, so everything all week long is Members Only, especially the limited in person tickets available for the Friday and Saturdays concerts. We will be playing HNet Explorer every day of the week, as well as hosting virtual Meet and Greets throughout, so no matter where you’re watching from, you will have a chance to get in on the action. We hope you will join us!

For full schedule, streaming tickets and details, CLICK HERE.

HANSON Day merch is now available for pre-order in the Hanson.net Store!

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