HANSON: 40th, Streams and HTP

By | November 20, 2020

This week we are wishing Isaac a Happy Birthday, and also getting excited for the holiday season with the coming Christmas Ball streams in December. Who is ready to rock around the Christmas Ball?


It has been a beautiful week here in Tulsa. We celebrated Isaac’s 40th birthday with a ruckus medley of B-day songs, while everywhere we looked the leaves were falling in their seasonally appropriate orange, yellow and brown. Seeing the leaves fall sends a subconscious signal to the mind that sets memories rushing in of a different time when our only concerned was how long the drive was to Grandma’s house. We would be anticipating being together, just to talk about the weather. Thanksgiving is a little less than a week away, but this year it feels more important than ever to take some time to be thankful. Whether you are able to be with family, or keeping it small, we hope you have a chance to celebrate all the good things.

Like Mr Rogers changing into more comfortable shoes, Thanksgiving goes out like a light, and on November 27th every store, and radio station for that matter, seems to mark the occasion the best way they know how, playing the same four Christmas songs on loop until December 26th! Truth is we’re in on the act, after all we are theming our December streaming concert series “The Christmas Ball”, and planning to musically deck the halls. We hope you will all join us, with your Christmas sweater on and hot chocolate in hand. It’s gonna be fun!

Hanson.net members will have a little extra entertainment in December. Next month we will be sharing three new episodes of the HANSON Time Podcast, on December 9th, 16th, and 23rd. The HANSON Time Podcast has been a 2020 highlight for us, so we want to close out the year doing one of our new favorite things!

It is traditional to sit around the Thanksgiving table and say something you are thankful for, even though it is a little early, we want to just say this. We are thankful for all of you! Because of you, we have gotten to do so many amazing things, making music and traveling the globe, and through you we have heard so many tough, inspiring, and heartwarming stories. Thank you!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

The Christmas Ball concert will give fans a chance to hear Christmas classics along with special live performances of fan favorites from the band’s catalog. For information on the livestreaming concerts, go to Hanson.net.

Over the last 20 years HANSON has created music exclusively for Hanson.net members, but now we’re sharing a special collection of those songs with everyone. The collection features 21 songs including a brand new track recorded exclusively for the release, “Nothing Like A Love Song”. Order your copy of Perennial in the Hanson.net Store.

Perennial – A HANSON Net Collection special edition double vinyl is also available for pre-order.

New Christmas Ball merch plus Perennial collection, Popsockets and so much more. Check out the new merchandise in the Hanson.net Store.

Place your order by Christmas is Dec 5th in order to receive your merch by Christmas (US only).

*International delivery for the holidays cannot be guaranteed.

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  1. Hayley dawn Grayson

    I see your world tour next year,this time you not let me down again please,i never have face to face with you and pictures take with you,i like see you after your world tour,face to face with you and pictures takes with you Hanson,i never see you before that way,i always be fan of you like forever,see you in 2021,let you know my name is Hayley dawn Grayson,from Hayley Grayson,Ps keep touch with me,


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