Hanson to hold a new concert series at Cain’s

By | September 14, 2020


After more than 20 years of making music, Hanson continues to connect with fans across the world.

The Tulsa-based band isn’t letting the pandemic be an exception.

Hanson is holding a new concert series, which they hope is a small step toward saving the industry they love.

“It was kind of the perfect match.”

Zac, Taylor, and Isaac Hanson are ready to perform music again, both virtually and in-person at Tulsa’s historic Cain’s Ballroom.

“Part of our confidence in the process [Cain’s] already set in place,”

Not only is Cain’s following CDC guidelines requiring masks, temperature checks, social distancing, and limited ticket sales, they are seating tables. One person buys a four-seated table, so that person decides who sits with them.

“You’ve just gotta be reasonable, as safe as best as you can.”

Zac says illness has always been top of mind as a touring musician.

“It’s the cold season and people might have the flu, and there’s a meet-and-greet and you’re meeting fans and there’s a line.”

They are not downplaying coronavirus, but feel this style of a concert is the right time and a safe and small start.

“Kinda feels like we have the best we can do, while also trying to look forward, sort of bridge us where we are and into the future.”

The Hansons fear that the future of the music business as a whole is grim if help isn’t available in the present.

They’re urging fans to buy streaming tickets or merchandise.

“Especially places like theatres and places like Cain’s when a good chance that they might not stay open.”

The pandemic has cost the event industry $800 million and roughly 12 million jobs.

The concert series begins Oct. 9 and will include three shows each month through January, each with its own theme.

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