Hanson reveal they‘ve got 13 CHILDREN

By | November 25, 2019

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Hanson reveal they‘ve got 13 CHILDREN between them as viewers go WILD for the handsome brothers 22 years after the release of MMMbop

They burst onto the music scene 22 years ago, with their iconic hit single, MMMbop and their long blond hair was just as famous as their vocals.

And when pop band Hanson appeared on Lorraine on Monday, the three brothers, who are now in their 30s, revealed they have 13 children between them.

They said: ‘We have 13 children – we all three have ten-year-old sons. All the kids get on as we spend a lot of time together touring and in the studio.‘

Eldest brother, Isaac is now 38 – he was the last of the musical trio to wed. He married Nicole in a Tulsa, Oklahoma, ceremony in 2006.

They have three children; Nina Odette, 4, son James Monroe 9, and son Clarke Everett, 11.

35-year-old Taylor was the first band member to marry in 2002.

He and his wife Natalie have six children; Jordan Ezra, 15, Penelope Anne, 13, River Samuel, 12, Viggo Moriah, 9, and Wilhelmina Jane and two month old Claude Indiana Emmanuel

Youngest brother, Zac, 33, and wife Kate, have four children. They welcomed John Ira Shepherd, in 2008. Shepherd goes by his middle name.

They are also proud parents to Junia Rosa Ruth, seven , followed by son George Abraham Walker, now 4 and 18-month-old Mary Lucille Diana, who goes by the name of Lucille.

Viewers of the show went wild for Isaac, Taylor and Zac‘s handsome appearance.

They took to Twitter and wrote: ‘Um hello when did Hanson become so hot?! #Lorraine.‘

‘Blimey look at #Hanson‘ and ‘Holy cr** Hanson got HOT #Lorraine.‘

Isaac was 11, Taylor was nine and Zac was just six when they created their band in 1992 and just five years later, they released MMMBop.

The men are currently promoting a new album, called String Theory and are currently touring the UK with a live symphony orchestra.

Zac said people had doubts about the longevity of their career when they first started out.

He said: ‘When we started out people would say to us,‘”What are you going to do in 10 years?” And we‘d say,”Music”.‘

But music is not the boys‘ only business venture – they have also produced a beer called MMMHops.

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