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God Bless MMMBop and the Game Boy: the ’90s Festival Mines Rush for Nostalgia

Jakarta Globe The ’90s revival sees no sign of weakening as the latest edition of the ’90s Festival continued to attract a large crowd, mostly middle-aged Jakartans, to the Gambir Expo in Kemayoran, North Jakarta, on Saturday. At the festival’s community market, they gobbled up classic ’90s memorabilia such as Tamiya Mini 4WD racing kits, Gundam toy robots, classic Nokia cellphones, analog cameras (came… Read More »

Hanson reveal they‘ve got 13 CHILDREN

Stock Daily Dish Hanson reveal they‘ve got 13 CHILDREN between them as viewers go WILD for the handsome brothers 22 years after the release of MMMbop They burst onto the music scene 22 years ago, with their iconic hit single, MMMbop and their long blond hair was just as famous as their vocals. And when pop band Hanson… Read More »