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By | May 17, 2018


Streaming HANSON Day Concert!
HANSON Day is here! Gotta take that in for a minute. The first events for HANSON Day weekend start today and things don’t stop until Saturday evening. Depending on when you read this, we are either rocking out to karaoke or watching a movie under the stars! Possibly standing in a line for Registration…

Before the weekend is through, we will see many of you face to face at one of the many events either at Game Night or the Storytellers Concert or the Group Photo Session on Friday afternoon, but before it gets too crazy we just want to say we hope your time in Tulsa feels like a reunion, like a great time you got to share with new and old friends a like.

For those who were not able to make the trip to Tulsa, we are excited to share that the HANSON Day Concert and State Of The Band will be streamed live! The stream will start at 6PM CT (with some consideration for HANSON Time) and will loop the following week (through Memorial Day) to make sure everyone has a chance to watch.

We are looking forward to taking questions during the State Of The Band and giving answers about our plans for the year. Answers to questions like, why we wanted to try our hands at a project like String Theory. More soon.
Isaac, Taylor and Zac

One thought on “Hanson Weekly Newsletter

  1. Amanda

    I’m so blessed that you will be streaming it. I bought all my tickets to go and then my husband and son got in an car accident. They will be ok thank the Lord ,but the car was totaled. unfortunately all the money I we had to use to get by. So I am unable to go and I’m so disappointed. So thank you for streaming it and I hope next year will be the first year that I get to finally go to Hanson day and meet you guys and listen to your inspiring music for I am a writer as well.


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