HNET Newsletter- Apr 13, 2018

By | April 13, 2018


Hard at work, or hardly working, hard to tell which one sometimes in the cave like recording studio, but in this case we were definitely hard at work on new music and that new music is nothing short of eclectic.


Over the last week, we were still fired up from the creation of the latest and greatest EP. Each year we set out to create a special group of songs JUST for our members and it seems no matter how hard we try to contain the inspiration, the muse takes over and the creative instincts lead us to greener pastures. While we were working on new music, we also have been chipping away at further plans for the String Theory project and all the ways we are going to share that music with you later this year. Our team is also of course still counting down the days until our home town events here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Annual Hanson Day gatherings feature all kinds of special events and members only concerts, PLUS The Hop Jam Beer and Music Festival which is coming into it’s fifth year and will include more brewers than we have ever had on site. Lots going on, but really the action is just starting to kick in for 2018.

Have a great week

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

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  1. englishteatime

    Baseball? Pffffft the NBA finals start Apr. 15th. This Dub will see you in Houston. But please don”t expect me to be gracious about Texas, when we”re talking blood sport.


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