HNET Newsletter- Feb 16, 2018

By | February 17, 2018


Zac speaks with Members and presents the trophy to the winning teams at “I Heart 2 Bowl” tournament as a part of the Hanson Day.


Well everyone, things are moving along very quickly at HANSON HQ. We are working on some exciting new projects that we have planned for 2018 and cannot wait to share with you, like new music, more concerts and other events. It is taking an extraordinary amount of willpower not to say anything yet, but we can say that we do not think that you will be disappointed as we begin to roll out our plans for later in the year. In the meantime, however, we have a lot of things already happening in 2018.

Our HANSON Day Members Events (May 17-19) are already on track to break attendance records and we have so much planned for you to enjoy as a Member that weekend in Tulsa like: Karaoke, Dance Party, 2 Special Concerts, I Heart 2 Bowl Tournament (which is returning this year) and so much more. We also have some shows booked for spring and summer which we cannot wait to see you at.

Over the next few weeks, we will begin to share some of the music we are working on for this year’s 2018 Members EP. We are very excited to share the creative process with you again this year as the exclusive member’s music is made. It is one of our favorite things we get to do every year and we never know what kind of creative turns the making of that music will take us on and you all will have a front row seat as the writing and recording develops. Members will get this EP in late May or as a part of attending HANSON Day, not to mention a Live Concert Premiere of the music from this year’s EP as a part of the Hanson Day events… and we are only just getting started on what is looking to be another amazing year.

All the best and see you all soon,

Isaac, Taylor and Zac



New Tulsa Guide and Events will be announced on Feb 22nd at noon. All info will be posted on the Hanson Day page.

Join us for HANSON Day Weekend on May 17th, 18th and 19th in Tulsa, Oklahoma. members wishing to attend can RSVP by logging in and clicking the RSVP button on the HANSON Day event in the calendar section.

HANSON Day is a celebration of HANSON’s formation 26 years ago. Members can look forward to the release of the 2018 Members EP at HANSON Day this year. Each year’s activities evolve and the full event schedule has was announced February 1st.

Tickets for HDay events on sale NOW!

NOTE: Must have a current membership (valid through at least May 20th) and RSVP to attend HANSON Day.


It’s 2018! Remember to renew your membership for 2018.  You can find your current expiration date by going to your My Account page.

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