HNET Newsletter- Jan 12, 2018

By | January 12, 2018


Isaac channels Steve Harvey, playing host during the “Island Games Family Feud” at Back To The Island 2018.


What a week, what a great way to start 2018. Our sixth “Back To The Island” has now come and gone. Normally it would be hard to encapsulate the week into one phrase but this year’s would be… “Baby Sea Turtles.”

The week started slow as we made the best of some bad weather, but by day two things were coming together.  Zac and Chris kicked the music off with their solo shows, followed by our Rock All Night set.  On day three, Taylor took everyone for a group swim during his set and Isaac wrote a new song on stage. Each of the full band concerts were voted on by members and that meant each set was almost completely different.

1. Rock All Night.
2. Members Only Music
3. Singles

To find yourself sitting on a private beach, watching the waves roll in while playing music is a pretty amazing way to spend the day. We did Tie Dye and Island Games again this year with Taylor taking the final bow as he hosted the final event of the week, a dance party full of soul and funk. It would have been enough just to have everything go off smoothly, but we were treated to a little island magic when baby sea turtles began hatching and crawling into the surf as we played “I Was Born.” It was magical.  We leave the island with excitement for a great year to come and anticipation for BTTI 2019.

Isaac Taylor and Zac


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