The Hanson Brothers Blessed Us With A New Christmas Bop

By | December 4, 2017

Refinery 29

Hanson, the band behind one of the catchiest songs of all time (you’re humming “MMMBop” right now, don’t pretend otherwise), just dropped an adorably retro video for the title track of their Christmas album, Finally It’s Christmas.
Entertainment Weekly exclusively debuted the video this week, and it will get every 90s kid into the holiday spirit. The video throws back to retro holiday specials, and one in particular will look very familiar to old school Hanson fans. Yes, the band included clips from their ABC special 20 years ago (feeling so old right now), and yes, the guys are just as cute as they were when you had their pictures saved as your avatar on AIM.
When the song – which is filled with their trademark harmonizing – starts, the video cuts to adult Hanson done up in sharp suits performing on a black and white TV. We’re also treated to shots of the guys in Mad Men-esque scenes, looking very 80s, and in a punk-lite scenario.
“We did that Christmas special 20 years ago with ABC, so we’re kind of pivoting off from that point,” Hanson told EW. “We sort of take you through [the past] and a little today, performing music like it’s from a Christmas special, and imagining what each of those eras looked like celebrating Christmas. It’s like time travel.”
This is Hanson’s second Christmas album, and Taylor Hanson told EW in October that “Every year we get asked, ‘When are you making another Christmas album?'”
The band decided to finally give fans what they wanted, thus the album title including the word “finally.”
Amazingly, Hanson have been together 25 years and of making that major milestone, Zac recently said, “So, this is our 25-year anniversary, but we can’t do anything without thinking about the future. People ask us how we stay together as a band, and that’s really, I think, the whole source of it: the future, the next thing, the next song, the next project. That’s our game. That’s what we’re in it for.”
The band is doing a limited holiday tour for the album, which is available now. You can find dates for the tour at  See the video below!

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