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This afternoon Hanson did a twitter Q&A answering questions with the hashtag #25QuestionsWithHanson  Here you can find all the questions and (video!) answers

What are you looking forward to most about the US/Canada tour


How do you decide ’bout the “I was born challenge?” DO you plan it ahead or decide it while you are at a particular place?

Why did Zac not study at my school? My life is all wrong for this! Hahah


If inspiration strikes while on tour, do you take note of it right away or wait until you get home to write/compose?

Any plans to vary tour setlists according to a region, what members voted for in each area in last year’s top 25 poll?

Did you like our Mexican surprises at the concerts?! We planned for months and cooperated the members from the ST

How was it to play for the first time in a few cities this time?

Do you think you’ve learned everything you can about the instrument you play the most?

I know you’re currently working on new tour ideas, anything about them you can share with us right now?

How did you come up with A Song To Sing as the only live recording on MOE?

Zac, what are you expecting about Game of Thrones 8th season?

Are there any countries you haven’t gone to yet but would love to go?

Would you like the receive the Cachaca that I couldn’t give you here in Belo Horizonte Brazil?

You always have so many irons in the fire. Anything you are super excited about besides MOE and Xmas?

Could you make a lager beer? It will be amazing

Zac should host an #iwasbornchallenge obstacle course in the future! That would be awesome!

Wife and I are seeing you guys for the first time ever! Zac can you please not make my wife fall in love with you?

What was your biggest struggle as a band and also as a family in the past 25 years?

What was your biggest struggle as a band and also as a family in the past 25 years? (pt 2)

I was born is the first hanson song my husband voluntarily sings, even when not around. So just wanted to say thanks!

Any hints on the Xmas Tour? Not necessarily locations but # of shows? Or even length? Will they be full concerts?

What was the first concert you ever went to? You guys were my first concert.

You seem to have already achieved a lot in life! Is there still something you want to do but is not so easy to do?

Where did Johnny go?






















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  1. Paula

    We will never know why they answered 23 out of 25 questions (since one was duplicated).


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