Hanson in Buenos Aires: Much more than Mmm Bop

By | August 26, 2017

No Son Horas 10 [Translated]

Year 1992. In the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma, three brothers form a musical group and begin to make small presentations in his native city. Without knowing it, they were brewing the germ of what would be a hit for the pop of that decade. “Middle of Nowhere”, their first album released with a label, hit the charts in 1997, and without imagining it, their first cut “Mmm Bop”, would launch them to an immediate success. Isaac, Taylor and Zac were at the top of the charts with only 16, 14 and 11 years.

Twenty-five years later, the band Hanson is embarked on “Middle Of Everywhere Tour”, a world tour whose purpose is to celebrate more than two decades of music. Last Tuesday, August 22, he had his stop in Buenos Aires, on the stage of the Opera Theater, in a concert where one could perceive a return to the past, with dyes of the present.

Isaac, Taylor, and Zac have already overcome the 30-year barrier, and musical maturation can be seen in the current sound of their songs, which never ceased to sound in the early 90’s and early 00’s: “Where’s the love”, “Penny & Me “,” If only “,” This time arround “and” Mmm bop “were the most celebrated themes. There was no lack of samples of his present, with the hand of “I born”, his new single and clear indication that there is future ahead for the band. Their fans also grew along with them, but there were no shortages, shouts, posters, lights, balloons and flags. The occasion was also ideal for them to live the show as if their adolescence remained intact.

For two hours, Hanson reviewed the highest points of his discography. The trio proves live to be much more than a catchy single, letting you perceive a sound strength gained on your journey. Even so, they keep the freshness of the beginnings: as if they kept their sibling games exchange instruments, maintain feedback with their followers, celebrate every moment of the show. A quarter of a century later, it can be seen that the three siblings enjoy being on stage, such as when they started, back in 1992, in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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