“We are fortunate to be able to live our dream for 25 years”

By | August 23, 2017

DIARIOUNO [Translated]

The trio of American brothers Hanson, who rose to fame 20 years ago with “MMMbop”, will perform tomorrow at the Opera House and the oldest of them Isaac, said he wants the happiness he has for the anniversary can help people to Fulfill your dreams.

“We feel fortunate to be able to live our dream for 25 years and to have two decades of the launch of ‘Middle of Nowhere.’ We feel empowered to share that with people and tell them that it is possible to fulfill dreams and be able to be that person Which they always dreamed to be, “said the guitarist and vocalist in an interview with the Télam agency.
The trio, completed by Taylor on keyboards and Zac on drums, began his career playing ecclesiastical events in his native Oklahoma, to jump to fame in 1997 with the classic “MMMbop.”
The adolescent, positive sound the group from the American center was showing contrasted with the dark, introspective panorama commanded by Nirvana from the west coast.
This antithesis served as a breath of fresh air in the musical media and was able to take advantage of the spirit of cheerful teenagers who were not identified by the lyrics of Kurt Cobain, Eddie Veder or Chris Cornell .
However, their fame was ephemeral: after giving several laps around the world with the presentation of “Middle of Nowhere”, the brothers did not renew contract with the Universal label and moved to the small British label Cooking Vinyl.
Already without the pressure of a multinational on its back, Hanson removed 10 discs and prepares a new one for this year.
-As you hear in the simple “I was born”, they sound more pop than in previous albums. -Many people do not notice that evolution in our sound and composition. And yes, the next album will be different and a bit more pop than the previous ones. The lyrics, moreover, I think are more connected in showing the positive things that happen around us, than those of the previous one (“Anthem”).

-As which?
– Nothing specific. Basically, we say that it is impossible not to have dreams, so you can always be moving in search of something and taking advantage of the opportunities to grow, not only us, but also the people around us.
“In the sense of being able to fulfill dreams?” -Yes of course. In the case of a band like Hanson, the dream may be to be in the mainstream, but the most important thing is to be happy in the personal life. You can tour the world, but if you’re not happy, it’s no good. And that’s what I want to convey. That we all have talents to bring to light.

“Personally, what dreams are you pursuing?”
– Right now, to be able to continue doing what I do and growing as a person. Personal desire is to be able to inculcate the courage to people so that they can break the shell and realize that they can fulfill their dreams, because however small it may seem, it can become great just by trying to make it happen.

“This tour is to celebrate having fulfilled a dream, then.
– It’s not just that we want to celebrate our most successful album, but we’re also celebrating that we played together 25 years ago. It’s like counting the miles we made, in an important and positive way, because 25 years is a long time and having fans around the world is incredible. And that, at the same time, our album, with which we get those fans, turn 20, is something to celebrate.

-In the dream, is it also about linking your brewery with music?
“Fortunately, we can bring together our passion for music and beer at The Hop Jam Festival, which we do in Oklahoma and it’s the biggest in the state. The idea is to keep growing even more. We can take this festival to the whole world. But first we have to consolidate it here.

-You’re starting in the world of beer. Does it have any similarity to when they started in the music business?
-Making beer is, in some way, like having a band. We have a small beer company, which we hope will eventually grow, but the main thing is to make a beer that we are proud of and we like to drink, because when that happens, it is when we want to share it with people.