Hanson falls in love with his Mexican Fans

By | August 18, 2017

Milenio [Translated]

(Luis Ortiz)

The dream of brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac to engage in music is still alive. They have struggled to maintain their musical proposal they presented in 1992 at the Mayfest Arts Festival in Tulsa and then consolidated under the name Hanson, which is their surname. The trio continues to reap success, the test was their concert at The Plaza Condesa.

“It’s been 25 years of music,” Taylor said in a greeting, to the euphoric scream of his followers, who contrary to expectations are of all ages, even Kalimba applauded and danced with the group that made A tour of its sound history.

“We are happy to be here,” he said in the name of Tory Taylor, while nostalgia seized those present, who happily moved their bodies frantically or screeched in support of their idols. “Thank you very much,” said Isaac in Spanish, prompting more screaming and euphoria.

To everyone’s taste Zac left the battery and sang “Madeline” next to his brothers, to capture the excitement generated Taylor took a picture of the audience. The party continued to grow, as did the love between artists and audience, with the constant interactions they had.

“We started our musical company a few years ago, we take it’s crazy chance because we wanted to be with you, so thank you for appearing” said Taylor, who later would accept: “What amazing fans here tonight”, and checked it even more when Girl let out loud: “I love you damn!”

The mood was further unleashed when in “Get the Girl Back”, Taylor showed the Mexican flag over his shoulder, which he then placed on one of his instruments. “I’m sad because this is our last show here, but how about we go back?” Asked the band’s vocalist to sing his biggest hit, MMMBop.

“Are you tired?” asked Taylor, the cheers and the chorus of “Hanson, Hanson, Hanson!” They let him know that no, so the third track continued with the song “If Only” equal or more celebrated than his previous piece.

To bid farewell to their followers they offered their versions of “Rockin Robin” and “Johnny B Goode” but the close with a gold finish put “Lost Without Each Other”

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