Su sueño es la música

By | August 16, 2017

Excelsior [Translated]

Your dream is music

The Hanson brothers return today to Mexico City for their 20th anniversary tour of the album ‘Middle of Nowhere’

The theme MMMBop pursues the Hanson brothers 20 years later.For a while Isaac, Taylor and Zac were annoyed at being stuffed into their sticky song, even avoided talking about it, until their new single I Was Born came out .

“It’s true that they are very similar songs. MMMBop talks about focusing on the things that really are important, we had interesting things to say even though we were younger, now with our new roll we continue on the channel to pursue your dreams, urge others to get yours.

“Everything is focused on work, on staying positive even when life challenges you super difficult, have many ideas similar to each other, but it is what defines the group: not having the fear of plotting our course because that makes us different from the Rest and remains so two decades later, “the oldest of the carnal, Isaac, 36, said in a telephone interview.

They began in 1992 when they gave their first show as a trio, recalls the also guitarist.

Now lives a time of much nostalgia celebrating the 20 years of his first album Middle of Nowhere , with which they will return to Mexico City today.

All those feelings came together for I Was Born , an anthem also personal for the brothers who for their album Underneath (2004) decided to become independent by problems with his record company and disagreements that there were.

“The industry has made me discuss how I viewed music when I was just a child, because it was always one of the most difficult ways to live, even now it is. That is a point that has aged with the child of then.

“But the other is that we have become people who love to share what we do, drive our dreams, work hard and always stay inspired by our passion. This is where we come back to I Was Born , that’s why that song is so important to us. ”

Hanson works all his music under his own independent label 3CG Records, based in his native Tulsa, Oklahoma, they make the decisions of his career, the album cover, his sound, his tours, his editions, his life falls on his hands And despite being part of the pop genre, they have achieved it without the need of a transnational one and bypassing their daily coexistence as brothers.

“It’s not easy and it never has been,” laughs Isaac before continuing to relate his story with his family. “Life is not simple and many of the good things came because of our effort, sacrifice and commitment, because before we were 100 percent happy as brothers, we always anticipated our career and here we continue,” he shared.