Boys Band: Top 5 songs you can not forget

By | August 10, 2017

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While the Pretty Much are preparing to invade the world, we asked ourselves an existential question: what are the best songs of Boys Band, those that have remained? Intrinsically, it was known that the French representatives were out of competition and that the level was going to be high. Ready?

#01 : MMMBop – Hanson

Les trois frères, Taylor, Zac et Isaac ont conquis le monde avec ce titre et franchement, on prend toujours autant de plaisir à l’écouter. Après leurs cartons à la fin des années 90, les Hanson n’ont pas disparu de la planète. Ils ont continué leur carrière musicale avec seulement beaucoup moins de retentissements et de succès.

The three brothers, Taylor, Zac and Isaac conquered the world with this title and frankly, we always take as much pleasure to listen to it. After their cartoons in the late 90s, the Hansons have not disappeared from the planet. They continued their musical career with only far fewer repercussions and successes.

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