Hanson streams spiked 235% during Australian tour

Hanson streams spiked 235% during Australian tour

By | July 3, 2017

The Industry Observer

Spotify streams for Hanson soared during the trio’s tour of Australia and New Zealand last month.

Spotify Australia told TIO the band’s plays were up 235% on the service as they brought their Middle Of Everywhere tour to seven local stops, including two shows each in Sydney and Melbourne.

The tour marked 20 years since Hanson released their rarefied pop spectacular Middle Of Nowhere, 20 years since their maiden Australian visit, and 25 years since they started making music together at ages six (Zac), nine (Taylor) and 11 (Isaac).

On Spotify Hanson have 1,328,645 monthly listeners – most of which are in Mexico – and 90,323 followers. Their most renowned single ‘MMMbop’ has been streamed over 42.5 million times.

According to data sent to TIO, during Hanson’s local tour Australia was their #2 most streamed country (second only behind the US). And, surprising no one, the majority of listeners in Australia were between 28-34-years-old.

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