Give your inner ’90s teen what it wants and watch Hanson’s new video

By | May 27, 2017


Give your inner '90s teen what it wants and watch Hanson's new videoEnlargeHanson band members singing(Credit: Getty Images/Jamie Squire)

For those of you still who still consider “MMMBop” your summer anthem, this is for you.

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend — and their 25th anniversary — everybody’s favorite 90’s bro-band, Hanson, has released a new single and video.

The single “I Was Born,” is part of the band’s newest studio album, a medley of their greatest hits, titled “Middle of Everywhere: The Greatest Hits.” It’s clearly ode to to their first album, “Middle of Nowhere” released some 20 years ago.

Along with their new single, the album will also include fan favorites such as “I Will Come to You,” “Where’s the Love,” and of course, “MMMBop.”