Hanson’s “I Was Born” Lyric Video Is Pure ‘90s Kid Inspiration — VIDEO

By | May 5, 2017


In an mmmbop they are not gone: On Friday, pop rock trio Hanson dropped a lyric video for “I Was Born.” Yes, we have a brand new jam from Issac, Taylor, and Zac, ya’ll. “I Was Born” is a fun and delightful song that is sure to please Hansonheads far and wide. It has been a whopping 20 years since the brothers Hanson mmmbopped their way onto the charts with their debut track “MMMBop,” and whaddya know? The MMMhops brewers still got it.

While this tune is a beautiful gift to us all, it didn’t come as a total surprise: In March, Hanson shared an acoustic rendition of “I Was Born” on YouTube, promising that the studio version of this to-be-released song would be out later in the year. A month and some change later, and here we are with a fresh Hanson track on our hands.

Thanks to lyrics like “I was born to be someone no one’s ever been/No one’s ever been before” and “I was born to do/I was born to go/I was born to be/Someone,” “I Was Born” packs quite the uplifting and inspirational punch. Go ahead and let the song’s happy energy wash over you. Oh, and let the song’s heartening lyrics wash over you. Oh, and don’t forget to the lyric video’s pleasant vibe wash over you. You can check it out here.

HANSON on YouTube

This new single is not the only thing the group has in store for 2017: In March, Hanson announced they will be embarking on a world tour. Mmmbop, ba duba dop, indeed.