HNET Newsletter – April 20, 2017

By | April 20, 2017


We’re busy rehearsing for the Middle of Everywhere Tour this week. Look forward to seeing everyone at a show!


The Middle Of Everywhere World Tour is a little over a month away from starting and if we needed any confirmation, this week we started rehearsals for the tour.  We are only a few days in, but things are already getting exciting as we try to craft a set list that brings together highlights from all the albums and a lot more.  It is a big task, but it is one we are enjoying.  The songs already feel tight, but give us another two weeks and we should have them so polished you can see your face.

It’s finished! Mixing and mastering are now complete and the 2017 Members EP is on its way to be manufactured.  If you are joining us this May in Tulsa for the 2017 HANSON Day weekend, be sure to pickup your copy of the In Color EP up early at registration*.  You can get a taste of all the new music on the In Color EP by tuning in for the Members Only stream every Friday at 6pm CT from now until HANSON Day weekend.  It seems like every time we go into the studio for one of these EPs we stumble upon something special and 2017 is no exception.  The music on In Color took us all over the spectrum.  We wrote songs in styles that we had never explored before; looking back now at what we created, we can’t help looking forward to doing it again soon.  We hope you enjoy discovering these new songs as much as we did.

Last week we announced the topic for the 2017 HANSON Day Lecture.  In the spirit of looking back and sharing more music than ever, we will be hosting the 2017 HANSON Day lecture in the form of an acoustic Storytellers.  We will be talking about songs and the stories behind them and the records they were a part of.  Where did Johnny Go? Where exactly is Albertane? Who Is Lulla Belle? We just might have an answer for all of those.

Between the Middle Of Everywhere Tour, HANSON Day, Hop Jam, Back To The Island, or for that matter our soon to be announce plans for Finally It’s Christmas, we will be traveling all over all the world all year long celebrating our anniversary. Please join the celebration – after all twenty-five only comes once!

Isaac, Taylor & Zac

*Members must have renewed or joined for 2017 (Expiration in 2018) to receive the In Color Membership EP at HANSON Day. Confirm you will receive it by checking your orders page within my account to see if your membership order contains the In Color 2017 Membership product.


We are excited to announce the HANSON Day Lectures will be taking the form of a special Acoustic Storytellers.  Isaac, Taylor and Zac will be exploring music old and new from throughout their twenty five year career and sharing stories from along the way.  Where is Albertane? Why will they never remix Broken Angel and where on earth did Johnny Go?… They just might spill the beans at the HANSON Day Acoustic Storytellers.


Fan Club Exclusive: Join HANSON for the Making Of In Color stream beginning at 6pm CT. These new streams will cover the process of creating the songs for this year’s Fan Club EP.


It’s 2017! We wanted to remind you to renew your membership for 2017.  You can find your current expiration date by going to your My Account page.

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