MMMBop – Nerviger Ohrwurm wird 20 Jahre alt

By | April 15, 2017


Translated from German

MMMBop – Nervous earworm is 20 years old

On the day 20 years ago the three sweet guys from the band The Hansons with the song “MMMBop” conquered the world by storm.

The three brothers, Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson, made the world charts with the joyful, catchy song. “MMMBop” became the big hit of the year 1997.

In a total of 27 countries the song was number one, the Hansons got two Grammy nominations and their album “Middle of Nowhere” sold a fabulous 10 million times.

Then it was quiet around the trio. They continued to make music, but they could never join the success of “MMMBop”.

Meanwhile, the three Hansons are married and have a total of 12 children. After a short cameo appearance in the music video “Last Friday Night” by Katy Perryim in 2011 they went under the beer brewers. The three are now brewing “MmmHops Pale Ale”.

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