MMMBop fylder 20 år i dag: Sådan gik det Hanson, Lou Bega og de andre hitmagere

By | April 15, 2017


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MMMBop turns 20 today: how it went Hanson, Lou Bega and the other hitmagere

Saturday is the 20th anniversary of the hit MMMBop was released, but what was actually by Hanson and many other singers who had a lump shit?

“Mmmbop, ba dop Duba. Ba you bop, ba dop Duba. Ba you bop, ba dop Duba. Ba you. Yeah,”

In the text reads these words, maybe not exactly like a world hit, but it was nevertheless. On 15 April 1997 the brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson, who was then respectively 16, 15 and 12 years, their debut single ‘MMMBop’ which belonged to the album ‘Middle of Nowhere’ and before they had time to look around , was the single number one in more than 25 countries, and the brothers were suddenly the world stars.

The three boys, who himself wrote, played and sang their numbers were rapidly giant teen idols and toured around the world with songs from their ‘Middle of Nowhere’ album.


  • Isaac, Taylor and Zac are the oldest in a family of seven.
  • They formed The Hanson Brothers, which later became ‘Hanson’ when they were 11, nine and six years.
  • They released the single ‘MMMBop’ in 1997 with the album ‘Middle of Nowhere’, which also contained songs like ‘I Will Come to You’ and ‘Where’s the Love’.
  • Unfortunately, for many girls who were wildly in love with the brothers, both Isaac, Taylor and Zac all married today and have respectively four, six and five children.

But brødrene Hanson disappeared almost as quickly as they appeared, although they had some popular songs on their album besides ‘MMMBop’.

The song with the catchy chorus is, however, often described as a so-called ‘One hit wonder’ – a fad or a massive hit – that was never followed up by a subsequent success that reached the song to size.

On the occasion of ‘MMMBops’ 20th birthday, we have collected ten world famous hits that ended up ended up being a fad. You can vote for your favorite ‘One hit wonder’ below.


MMMBop Photo: Video
Brødrene Hanson became world famous for the hit ‘MMMbop’, in spite of a rather incomprehensible chorus actually is about the important things in life – not money and glamor.
Despite the song’s popularity, recently smoked in the list of the world’s most annoying songs from music magazine Rolling Stones.
The brothers have released a total of six albums and several singles, none of them did manage MMMBop’s popularity. However, there is good news for Hanson fans: In 2017 you can namely see them give a concert if ready to take, for example, Germany, England or the United States, where the band going on tour.