HNET Newsletter – April 13, 2017

By | April 13, 2017


Last week, we were immersed in creating new music for the 2017 EP. We captured some of the making of as well & we hope you will tune in for the inside look starting this Friday.


It’s very nearly finished.  After a crazy week of recording, followed by a hectic week of mixing, the 2017 Members EP is in the final stages before we send it off for manufacturing. Like so many years past, the recording was overwhelming at times, but who can we blame but ourselves for loving the crazy process of writing and recording from scratch in one day. We are really excited about what we created. Like many songs before, they all feel unique and in some cases like nothing we have done before.  It is important to always push the boundaries of what you are capable of and each time we start the recording process for another Member’s EP, it feels like boundaries are broken.

If you are a member, make sure to tune in to for special behind the scenes streams starting this Friday and going on every Friday all the way up to HANSON Day weekend.  The streams will start at 6PM CT and feature footage from the making of the new EP In Color.  If you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall during writing or recording, this is your chance. For anyone who misses the streams, we will be looping them all weekend long for your viewing pleasure.

In honor of it being available for sale to members starting this May, we are also going to be restreaming the making of the 2015 Members EP Inside the Box. Each week on Wednesday at 6PM CT and looping through Thursday, we will share the making of Inside The Box, Guns, Bacon, Robots and all.

After a short break for Easter, we will be starting up rehearsal for the Middle Of Everywhere world tour.  There is so much music to prepare, but it feels good to think about building a set list for a show like this.  Twenty five years of music all in one night is no small task and there will no doubt be music that is left on the cutting room floor, but we are going to enjoy the labor of getting to the best possible show we can play.  We continue to be amazed at the excitement we are seeing from fans all over the world. It seems like each week more shows sell out and we find ourselves doing the Wayne’s World chant “We’re not Worthy, We’re not Worthy!”  We have gotten to do so many amazing things and  go so many places around the world, but as we look at this coming year, we still have a lot left on the bucket list.  With any luck we can do some of them together!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


HANSON is pleased to announce they will be appearing at the 50th Annual Summerfest at Henry Maier Festival Park in Milwaukee, WI on June 29th. For more information about Summerfest, CLICK HERE.


Fan Club Exclusive: Join HANSON for the Making Of In Color stream beginning at 6pm CT. These new streams will cover the process of creating the songs for this year’s Fan Club EP.


Fan Club Exclusive: Join HANSON as we replay the five  Making of Inside The Box streams every Wednesday at 6pm CT beginning April 19th leading up to the release of Inside The Box for members on May 18th.


We are excited to announce the HANSON Day Lectures will be taking the form of a special Acoustic Storytellers.  Isaac, Taylor and Zac will be exploring music old and new from throughout their twenty five year career and sharing stories from along the way.  Who is Carline? Why will they never remix Broken Angel and where on earth did Johnny Go?… They just might spill the beans at the HANSON Day Acoustic Storytellers.


It’s 2017! We wanted to remind you to renew your membership for 2017.  You can find your current expiration date by going to your My Account page.

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