HNET Newsletter Feb 3, 2017

By | February 3, 2017


This week has been spent at a studio out in LA mixing.  It may be February, but it’s still Christmas for us as we spend each day trying to get the balance between vocals and instruments just right. It is a very painstaking process, but a great mix can can be the difference between a mess and a masterpiece.

We spent the better part of our lunch break talking about Back To The Island 2018.  We were excited by how much positive feedback we got about this year’s event, but we feel confident we can make 2018 event better.  We want to build on what fans loved like the concerts and games and make the whole experience more luxurious. We hope to share all the details before the end of February.

We may be spending our days listening to Christmas music and thinking about playing Christmas concerts, but don’t be fooled, a full HANSON world tour is very much in the forefront of our planning.  We have the first few legs of the tour set, but our desire to reach as many places as possible means there is still a little work to be done.  We are still a few weeks away from announcing tour details, but as you all know, time has a way of flying by. More soon.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


The Valentine’s Day Collection is now shipping.

U.S. Customer:
Order by February 6th with Priority Mail shipping for Valentine’s Day Delivery.

International Customer:
Due to varying delivery and customs fee we cannot guarantee delivery by Valentine’s Day.

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