Daily Archives: January 1, 2017

Child stars. You won’t believe where they are now!

SBS  Zac Hanson   Known as the funny member of the highly successful band ‘Hanson’, the world watched Zac Hanson grow up alongside his brothers Taylor and Isaac as the talented trio released a string of hits including ‘MMMBop’, and probably some other stuff, throughout the 90s.   Strangely, however, fame had a different effect on each brother,… Read More »

MMMBop & Middle of Nowhere Turn 20!

It’s officially 2017 and that means that MMMBop and Middle of Nowhere will be turning 20 this year.  Articles are already being posted with lists of songs/albums turning 20 this year.  Here are a few: 39 Albums That Will Turn 20 In 2017 1997 was a hell of a year. Tell your children all about it! 5. Hanson, Middle… Read More »