Child stars. You won’t believe where they are now!

By | January 1, 2017


Zac Hanson


Known as the funny member of the highly successful band ‘Hanson’, the world watched Zac Hanson grow up alongside his brothers Taylor and Isaac as the talented trio released a string of hits including ‘MMMBop’, and probably some other stuff, throughout the 90s.


Strangely, however, fame had a different effect on each brother, with Isaac and Taylor blossoming into young men, husbands and fathers, while Zac has spent the last 20 years, and a vast portion of his fortune, transforming himself into some kind of half man, half hat-stand creature.


Still capable of drumming, but perfectly showcasing the dangers of a Hollywood lifestyle and a lack of adequate mental and financial guidance, Zac’s transformation appears obvious once pointed out, but as the indisputably least popular member of the band, few fans seem to have noticed the change.

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