BTTI Packing Tips!

By | December 21, 2016

Once again it’s that time of year where many are gearing up to head to Hanson’s Back to the Island event in Jamaica at the beginning of the year. We have compiled a list of tips & tricks for those who will be attending.

-Check your cell phone carrier for international rates.  You may be charged fees for using your phone internationally or your phone may not work.  Some phones now can make calls via WiFi.  The resort does have free WiFi available but it is stronger in some areas of the resort than others.

-Pack a pair of shorts / change of clothes if you’re coming from a colder area and want to be more comfortable once you arrive at the airport.  (The buses to the resort this year did have AC (and WiFi).)

-Keep a pen and your passport handy to fill out custom forms on the plane! Blue or Black ink only.

-You will get a signed 8×10 as part of your package so you might want to bring a sturdy envelope to get it home safely in

-REPEL has mosquito/bug repellent in WIPE form which does not count as a liquid as far as TSA is concerned. If you need to open up some space in your liquids bag but want to stay protected from bites, this is an option.  (You can also find “pen sized” bug repellent which will take up a lot less space in your liquid bags than most other options)

-Packing cubes!

-Know your return flight info or have it handy for when you land and get on the shuttle. Flight# and Time.

-Bring an extra white tshirt for Tie Dying if you don’t trust yourself on the TShirt given in the merch package or if you want to try 2 designs! Make sure it is 100% cotton.


If you have any tips we didn’t cover or are a first timer and have questions, leave a comment and we will update the post 🙂

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