The Hanson 2017 Christmas Album Is Already The Gift That Keeps On Giving

By | December 15, 2016


Hansonstage Note: This article mentions that the album is going to be titled “Ooh Christmas”, as far as we can tell, this is just the name of one of the videos that the band posted and the working title for the album is still “Wintry Mix”

Consider your holiday dreams fulfilled. Something big has hit the airwaves for every boy band fan out there. (That’s every living person, right?) I’m talking about Hanson’s new Christmas Album. On Thursday, the band tweeted the album’s title: Ooh Christmas. (Mmm Christmas was taken, I guess?) They also revealed one of the album’s tracks — “Winter Wonderland” — and even shared a live recording of it. Following that, they gifted us with a behind the scenes video featuring two thirds of the three Hanson brothers singing and playing piano for “Blue Christmas.” Naturally, it’s in falsetto. Taylor Hanson belts out Blue-oo-oo-ooh Christmas. Oh. Now I get the title.

What makes the release of this album so good, besides all the obvious reasons, is that it’s been 20 years since Hanson put out their first Christmas album: 1997’s Snowed In. “MMMBop” was recorded in 1996, and Hanson’s album Middle of Nowhere went platinum four times, so it’s fair to say Snowed In came out during the peak of their career. As one of the most iconic musical trios from that time, the Christmas album became a success. (The Hanson bros were inescapable in ’97.)

Snowed In was also probably one of the most played Christmas albums of your youth. If that’s the case, then, here, the following never-before-seen footage from that album’s recording will mean something to you:

20 years ago we made Snowed In. Just finished a new Christmas album for 2017 -Z  via @YouTube

The hearts that beat inside children of the ’90s are fluttering everywhere. But check out just how far they’ve come — and be prepared to feel some nostalgia when you see how they’ve grown up.

Lastly, give your ears a treat with the live version of “Winter Wonderland.” (The studio version of which, will be on the album.)

Live version of Winter Wonderland, studio version will be on the new Christmas album in 2017 -Z  via @YouTube

The highly anticipated album doesn’t have an official release date, so stay tuned. In the meantime, pop in Snowed In for old time’s sake, yeah?

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