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I’ve personally little interest in brewing at the professional level, but that’s not to say I don’t have massive amounts of respect for those who do, in fact I usually look to professional brewers for inspiration on how or what to brew. It’s these very people who are responsible for driving innovation and creativity in the industry, which ultimately trickles down to all of us who enjoy drinking craft beer or even brewing our own. As someone who has benefited immensely from all of this, I was stoked to have the opportunity to meet a bunch of these rad brewers at one of the world’s largest craft beer events– the Great American Beer Festival (GABF).

Hanson Makes MMMBeer

What millennial doesn’t know where they were in 1996[sic] when they got their copy of Hanson’s Middle Of Nowhere including the chart topping hit, Mmmbop? It was early Christmas morning when 8 year-old me popped the CD in my boombox and spent the rest of the day rocking-out to the subtle tones of a song that continues to produce a strong sense of nostalgia for me. As an unashamed fan, I was surprised to discover this post-pubescent brotherly trio had developed a passion for crafting delicious beer, which culminated in the starting of their own Hanson Brothers Beer Company.


Mmmbrothers 4 life

I spent some time chatting with Zach[sic] Hanson, the youngest of the trio, who said he and his brothers are just as involved as anyone in their brewery, explaining they have a hand in every aspect of their beer from start to finish and derive just as much pleasure from figuring out the amount of chocolate to use in their delicious Stout as they do pouring samples for festival patrons. If you get a chance, definitely give Hanson Brothers beer a shot, and don’t be intimidated by the long line of former fan-girls, you’re who they really want to talk to!

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