HNET Newsletter Aug 26, 2016

By | August 26, 2016


This week I am thinking about the open road, something that is always enticing. When was the last time you took a trip down a winding stretch in search of adventure?


This has been a good week for us, and no it is not just because school is back in session!  We have been making good progress on our 2017 plans, among them where and when tour dates will be coming.  No we are not ready to share anything just yet but, with any luck in 2017 you will hear music like never before.  A big part of next year is sorting through all of our music and deciding what and how we want to share it.  A few weeks ago we asked members to vote on their top 25 songs from our studio albums, when we combined their list with ours it totaled well over 40 songs… that would be a very long concert.  Thinking about our whole career and condensing it down into what is essential is a challenge, but one we are all enjoying.

Speaking of voting, don’t forget to vote for your top songs.  This week we are asking members for insight into the essential members only music.  In so many ways there are two HANSON catalogs, the songs on studio albums and the over 70 songs that have been released as part of Members Only EP’s and special online releases.  We feel like these songs are an important part of our band’s DNA and that they need a place in the HANSON story.

The Play EP won’t come out until October 10th, but in just two weeks we will share the first stream from the making of Play.  Mark it on the calendar and tune in on Friday September 9th for a Members Only look inside 3CG Studios.  For better or worse, this is how we make our albums!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


Fan Club Exclusive: After asking members to pick their top songs from our studio albums, we felt like something was missing.  We really have two catalogs, the music we share with the world, and the songs we give only to members.  As we look at our almost 25-year career and try to encapsulate the essence of HANSON it is incomplete without looking at the music of the Members Only EP’s.

We would like members to pick their 15 songs from the catalog that should be considered when trying to share the best that HANSON has to offer.  Be warned, we included Digital Pants!

Voting deadline is Sunday, Aug 28th so get your votes in now!


With a new 2016 members EP shipping now, we wanted to remind you to renew your membership for 2016.  You can find your current expiration date by going to your My Account page.