HNET Newsletter June 13, 2016

By | June 13, 2016


Just a few weeks ago we were recording with many of YOU live during the Hanson Day concert and since then (after a bit of a breather) we dove back into the studio to finish what we started (and we can’t wait to share it with you). As they say, “Out of the fire and into the frying pan.”


The first thing we do before we start planning an event Like Back To The Island or HANSON Day is look at the feedback we got from the community.  We know we can’t do everything that members want, nor do we really want to put on an all HANSON rendition of Oliver Twist, but we do find a lot of inspiration from looking through members’ ideas for the next year’s events.  Even though we are almost a year from our 25th anniversary and HANSON Day 2017, members have said loud and clear they want to start planning their trips a.s.a.p.  We are not yet ready to announce HANSON Day 2017, but we plan to share the official dates this year so members will have at least 6 months to plan their trip to Tulsa.

This week we have been staying busy with the writing and recording of song number five for thePlay EP, fondly called Freak-out.  Yeah, just let your mind ponder that title for a minute.  From their inception, we envisioned the Loud and Play EP’s as companions.  Each EP is intended to compliment the other, but where Loud is a little more organic and rock, Play is a little more playful and uplifting.  Play won’t come out until October, but this week as we labor over the minute details of “just right” we feel like it will be worth the wait.

If you have been checking this week, you might have noticed new videos and photo from the making of Loud.  We are going to be continuing to share more photos and videos from the making of Loud during the month of June so keep an eye out for that.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


Check out the new HANSON merchandise released during HANSON Day 2016.


With a new 2016 members EP shipping no, we wanted to remind you to renew your membership for 2016.  You can find your current expiration date by going to your My Account page.

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