MMMBop: Singers explain why we did not understand anything!

By | May 30, 2016

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MMMBop : Les chanteurs nous expliquent pourquoi on n'a rien compris!

The title “MMMBop” is 20 years old this year. And while millions of people are able to hum these heady notes, the singers of this mythical air revealed that nobody could sing it properly!
According to the Hanson Group, we would be millions not sing as necessary “MMMBop”. For 20 years, a mystery hovers around the pronunciation of these words frantically swaying on techno notes. The three brothers are rather clever. As if it were a joke, Isaac, Taylor and Zac fun of the inability of fans to transcribe the words: “You know why because people fail to properly sing the chorus?. most of the time, they hurt syncope “explains Taylor. The rhythm method is indeed difficult to execute.

Isaac, a famous singer would certainly be the only one to do it “! But if Bruno Mars was interested to sing, he would rip surely”

Finally, the three singers have finished this interview Vulture Magazine explaining that contrary to popular belief, the lyrics are very sad and not happy! “Take for example the verses:… ‘You have So Many relationships in this life Only one or two will last through You go so much pain and strife You turn your back and they’ re gone so fast.” The person they talk through very sad times. She has a lot of frivolous relationships. Yet only one or two people actually will mark his life. In short, we did not understand at all!

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