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Mmmm… Bop.

Not as much a good song as it was a good opportunity to perve on your favourite Hanson brother – Taylor.

Oh come on, Isaac was way too old, Zac was too young and a little girl-like.

Taylor was the perfect blend of ‘long hair, don’t care’ and chiseled – just perfection.

Well, we’ve been doing a little Instagram stalking and you’ll be pleased to know we found out that yes, like a fine wine – he does indeed get better with age.

#Alivetonight Livestream going down now on @Hanson.net

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In mutual awe of #willrogers real life hat, with the great @larrygatlin. Celebrating Oklahoma heritage for the governors inaugural ball

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His hair no longer sweeps his shoulders, but he still has the same ‘come hither’ eyes and chiseled features at 33 that he did when he was just a teen.

Great Disney Date…with @realnatonthewall and 35 family and friends @waltdisneyworld #epcotfoodandwine #hanson

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Oh – and he also has FIVE CHILDREN; Jordan, River, Viggo, Penelope, and Wilhelmina with his wife, Natalie Anne Bryant. FIVE!

Happy Monday! Head over to TulsaKids.com to read my Top Three Tulsa picks! (this photo may be a hint 👀) @tulsakids @philbrookmuseum @guthriegreen

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Is it weird that that makes him even more sexy?!

Happy Father’s Day! baby Ezra and Taylor backstage at Carnegie Hall 2003.

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