Vanessa Carlton maps a new, more mature sound

By | January 28, 2016

Houston Chronicle

Hanson gets a mention in the Houston Chronicle’s article about Vanessa Carlton’s new, more mature sound:

Carlton plays two shows in Houston next week. She doesn’t run from her past as a young hitmaker; she still includes “A Thousand Miles” in some set lists. But after making three albums between 2002 and 2007 on a major label that was trying to re-bottle lightning, she’s since enjoyed more freedom to make music as she hears it.

Breaking associations with the past then becomes the duty of listeners. We sometimes throw musical babies out with the bath water, which is a shame. Daniel Johns has made amazing music with Silverchair since that band’s teenage arrival in the ’90s as grunge muppets. The voices of the three brothers in Hanson have aged into a beautiful Bee Gees-like harmony far more interesting and mature than the (admittedly still enjoyable) “Mmmbop.” The list goes on.

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