Finally It’s Christmas Stream Recap

By | December 18, 2015


If you missed Hanson’s finally it’s Christmas stream, it will be re-streaming through Christmas Day.

The stream began with a performance of “Finally It’s Christmas”

The guys talks about what to expect in this stream
Hang out with them until it is time to watch Star Wars
There’s always time for lightsabers!

A culinary trip to Italy – Tay’s Kitchen Frittata Video

Performance of Merry Christmas Baby

Hanson At The Fair video (AZ State Fair)

Isaac hasn’t bought Zac a present yet. Zac isn’t planning on buying Isaac one.
A president?
Talk about Christmas Traditions
Zac makes Cinnamon Rolls
Zac baits his wife to guess what her gifts are
Isaac tells a story about how their Dad was good at guessing what gifts are
Shout out to Members!

Continuation of Taylor’s cooking segment

Performance of What Christmas Means To Me

Roots & Rock N Roll Tour Video Recap

What is the Christmas songs that evokes the best memory?
White Christmas
Isaac is bummed out because there is no soundtrack for the White Christmas movie
Perry Como Christmas Album – Isaac would like to redo it

Christmas songs are a core part of Christmas – like almost no other holiday
Isaac likes the intro to the Nat King Cole collection
If they do do another Christmas album it will start with Isaac doing spoken word

What was your most memorable fan moment on the R&R Tour
Cant answer – names have been changed to protect innocent
Proud of number of people who came out for walks
Some of the best walks ever were on this tour
Great musical moments – friends Paul & Carrick was a blast

Christmas speed round –
hot chocolate or egg nog
Hot chocolate

Frosty or Rudolph
Frosty – Z
Rudolph – T & I

Gingerbread or Candy Canes
Candycanes – I&Z
Not candy cans – T

Christmas Eve or Morning?
Morning – Z
Eve -T

Sledding or Snowmen
Their house was on a hill and it was great for sledding

Ghosts of Christmas past or future?
Future – Z
Past – I
What’s creepier? Future – T

Favorite Christmas Movie
Zac is scared they are doing Elf 2
White Christmas / It’s a Wonderful Life

Favorite Christmas Memory
Perry The Como
One time when they got the lego castle that had the first molded mountain plates
Isaac thought that was fantastic. In 1988.

Gifts to Members
Not selected by profile photos.
Stress ball specially fondled by Taylor!
Isaac won’t tell what his gift is because he is not a spoiler

Zac gives Isaac and Taylor gifts

Isaac reading the original Night Before Christmas video

My Favorite Christmas Sweater performance

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Performance of Run Rudolph Run