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Tuesday Trivia

Scream and Be Free’s original song title was “Sing It If You Know It” What sound did the band want on Anthem that no one else does?

Do you remember the 1990s, Hanson hit the brothers? The band is now a brewery – whose name is Mmmhops

ILTALEHTI [Finland] (Translated using Google Translate) Hanson band, a small brewery is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Hanson Brothers Mmmhops–brewery. (AP) Three-waving-haired brothers band Hanson Rivet success in the late 1990s, including  I Will Come to You and MMMBop. Since then, the band has not reached similar success in the music, even though Hanson has released a steady pace… Read More »

YouTube artist ‘Seouls’ himself

Korea Times YouTube artist Michael Aronson has released his latest music video lambasting Seoul’s controversial new slogan, “I.Seoul.U”. The American expat artist’s new song, “I.Seoul Myself,” is a cheeky ribbing of the slogan at the city’s expense, set to ’80s song “I Touch Myself” by the Divinyls. The video has Aronson posed in front of various urban backdrops… Read More »