Daily Archives: September 25, 2015

September 25th Live Stream Recap

At Hanson Day in May, Hanson promised to do 1 live stream a month until it was time for tour.  September 25th marked the last stream.  If you missed it, it should be playing on loop on Hanson.net through the weekend.  Here’s our recap so you can see what you missed: This is the last stream before they… Read More »

HNET Newsletter Sept 25, 2015

WEEKLY PIC The Roots & Rock ’N’ Roll EP was a blast to record because we were able to focus on some of our favorite songs by many artists we admire and have been inspired by. In this pic, Zac is working through a piano part for one of the tunes. Have you ordered your EP yet? MESSAGE… Read More »

Livestream tonight!

Just a reminder that tonight at 6pm CT Hanson will be doing a livestream followed by a nightcap for Hanson.net Members.  This will actually be live, not one of the pre-recorded documentary style streams that they have been doing over the month of September.  It should continue to loop throughout the weekend if you miss it, and as… Read More »

Update on R&R Tour M&Gs

Leigh has mentioned on Hanson.net that M&Gs will start going out in the next week or so. With the new system, on the Calendar page the button that says “Request” will change to “Unrequest” once your M&G request has gone through and will change to “Winner” once you have won one!  (No change on the page if you… Read More »