September 25th Live Stream Recap

By | September 25, 2015

At Hanson Day in May, Hanson promised to do 1 live stream a month until it was time for tour.  September 25th marked the last stream.  If you missed it, it should be playing on loop on through the weekend.  Here’s our recap so you can see what you missed:

This is the last stream before they hit the road
They have been practicing and hope they are up to snuff
Two entirely different sets on tour, different songs to sub in to keep the set different
Burt Bacharach set will be great, Isaac is looking forward to Pavarati set
Last couple weeks at 3CG preparing for tour
Performances were pre-recorded during rehearsals
Playing songs by artists they havent highlighted yet – Billy Joel, Michael Jackson
Will also show Outakes from making of the R&R Ep – Zac laughed at himself watching it back
More stories about EP songs…

Already Home performance

Thinking Out Loud video (Taylor talking about EP)

Narcissism hour – did you like them? did you like what they were wearing? Aren’t they so awesome?
It’s been two years since the last tour
The beer is a little too accessible to Isaac now.
They are looking forward to tour.
Isaac is a benevolent big brother
Enjoy taking friends on the road
(Image of openers popped up and they are unaware, so trying to hype up announcing it “in one week”)
Paul McDonald will be opening night 1 – He should do Robert Plant covers
Carrick will be opening night 2 – Pop svengali
Might pull them up on stage against their will
Man meat sandwich (Zac hopes this ends up in reviews of shows)

(stream cut out )

Making the EP – Recording Vocals Video

Make it Out Alive rehearsal performance

They are in 3cg studios. Zac keeps mentioning it because the next time they stream they won’t be there
Tour and the EP is what this stream is all about
EPs are in the mail – you’ll get to experience the sound of grunting while clapping
Half time grunting, played at normal speed it would be a different pitch
It makes the claps sound… *insert Isaac sound effect here*
The search for the perfect clap sound…

Taking questions  #AskHanson
They won’t be THE answer but an answer to a question that they are answering
Isaac bought a new iphone today and it is synching

Isaac do you feel like a toolbag because you bought an iphone the day it came out?
He’s starting to feel like one
Success with 6s

Let’s stop bad punning

Rediscovering your own songs for tour – do you ever rework lyrics or music?
You would’t rewrite lyrics
Dying to be contrived
Shave Me  – old in an elderly home
Taylor never had that thought
Chicken Pie – great divide
All 3 members of the band do not always know the correct lyrics
A few songs there is debate among the lyrics
Musical Ride  sometimes Zac sings different than Isaac

Planning solos for cover set?
Songs that inspire them
Each set will be very different
Worked up as much music for two shows as they would have alternates for an entire tour
So double the music
Over 50 songs
Will be solos but wont be the same as Hanson night
Where that would be a cover normally, there will be a Hanson song

Will the cover set vary from city to city?
More of a setlist than they do for a lot of tours
Trying to make shows so different
More thoughtful about how to make them two completely different shows
Song you want to see – let them know – they may play it

Will you carve pumpkins before Portland show ?
Zac has a scar from carving so he is a no
He’s not trustworthy with knives
It was a switchblade – blade was V shaped
“you might get cut” Prison Zac

What song is more important to the history of the band? MMMBop or Penny and Me?
You cant argue any song to be more important than mmmbop
first impressions are important
Hard to have a song more iconic than mmmbop on the impact of their career
Whole group of people that discovered the band at penny and me era – it is #2 as far as most important singles – started a new chapter
This time around album was established on musical ride tour as being the favorite over middle of nowhere on that tour
middle of nowhere was enormous but this time around was an establishment of a career and different relationship with the fans similar to the indie record
They all have levels of importance MMMBop is significant
Isaac surprised how many people – younger fans – who got into them during the walk or shout it out – many fans in teens – around the same age as middle of nowhere

How do you feel about younger fans? Im 15 and love you guys
I wonder how she said it – love you or love you (punches taylor)
What if she slugged you across the face
When they were first starting out and people were making a big deal about their age, think of us as old guys with old voices because it would be a minute before they were in their 30s
They make music for people – not old people or young people
Robots make the music but they make music for themselves and hope others like what they do and see the joy they have on stage and hoping people have the same vibe

Which prefer – IHop or Waffle House
Really interesting questions
Depends on the region. South – waffle house
OK waffle houses are pretty shady
Zac never went to a waffle house until he left OK
Village Inn wins hands down – they are a pie store
Dont make them battle – one has waffles one pancake and one pies
Adam Corolla has a thing in his book about pie is a far superior dessert to cake. Savory pies and sweet pies

A few weeks ago Zac had something happen with his car – the back window broke
Zac tweeted as a joke he may have been in a driveby shooting or it was the lawn mower
It was a joke – sarcasm – doesn’t always translate
(Taylor doesnt get what it has to do with pie)
Local news – tweeted and said where did this happen we will see if it was a driveby shooting
Twitter is not a good format for sarcasm

Taylor and Zac think Isaac is sloshed,he is not
But he should say that he is
There was a cocktail thing and a guy with a candy bar head… Daiquiri recipe

I Believe in a thing called love video

Daiquiri recipe video

MMMHops will be available in select markets on the R&R tour

Broken Angel rehearsal video

Try out the recipe – it is a floral, tropical flavor. 86 company rum is superior
Places to eat in OK  – this is a bar but one of the best
Hanson Day – plan to announce dates this year – probably be nearer to December
Last 2 years w/o a major tour – Hanson Day has become more special. Lots they are trying to do next year. It is growing. Add the Hop Jam and it is just great and really fun.
Usually not really hot – except for the tornados – siren was going off while Taylor was DJing Zac thought it was a nice addition to the DJ set
Taylor had the city set them off – go big or go home
This tour is not going outside the USA except for Toronto.
Appreciative that other countries are asking for them to come there – thanks for being fans and staying engaged
They are excited for the tour – Get an EP and get primed for the tour
They appreciate us watching the live stream – it will loop all weekend – watch it again without technical difficulties!

If you are outside the US – they do hope to stream some more from the concerts while they are on tour and news should be coming out about that very soon

Jamaica event – how much fun they have had
Changing the setlists up almost as much as they are on tour
It has blossomed
Best resort ever
Actually going back to the island now
Looking forward to it very very much

See you on tour for many of us – in a matter of days!




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