Hansonstage’s policy on ticket sales

By | August 28, 2015

With tour coming up fast a lot of people are looking to buy tickets and a lot of people are looking to sell tickets. We are happy to help connect those buying and selling but please note that hansonstage is not responsible for the outcome of any transactions.

We will only be posting about tickets through our twitter account @hansonstage (not on the site, blog or facebook)

If you are looking to buy or sell tickets, tweet us and let us know what you are looking for / have for sale and we will retweet it.

We prefer if you include us on the original tweet and don’t ask us to look at your previous tweets to find the right one to retweet and it’s always easier if your account is public so we can easily retweet.

If you could also let us know when the tickets have been sold or you have found tickets to buy so we can delete the tweets from our feed to avoid any confusion.

Thanks for your cooperation!


(Yes we will post about BTTI spots as well)