Daily Archives: August 6, 2015

Check Your Presale Tickets!

For those of you who purchased presale tickets through Hanson.net and had them mailed to you by ticketmaster/livenation, double check that your tickets have barcodes.  There have been a few fans who got tickets mailed to them for the New York Irving Plaza show that arrived without barcodes.  If you find your tickets do not have barcodes (or… Read More »

Can One Direction ‘Drag’ Themselves Up To #1?

MTV Directioners: I’m calling on you to make history here. Your now-quartet of boys has delivered unto you their new surprise single, “Drag Me Down,” and now it’s time to do the opposite: Raise them up. Did you know, friends, that the dudes have never had a Billboard Hot 100 #1 single in the U.S.? The horror. And… Read More »

How Jason Segel transformed for ‘Tour’

Usa Today “It was a really fun trip. You want to be in the back of that car, listening to these guys talking about serious issues and what’s on the radio,” says Segel. “(Boy band) Hanson comes on the radio and these guys have a five-minute discussion on them. It’s really cool to hear the biggest brain of… Read More »

Brief Interview with a Famous Man: Jason Segel on Becoming David Foster Wallace

Phoenix New Times “You just can’t know anything about yourself in either direction over 12 years,” says Segel. “Thirty-five-year-old Jason is unrecognizable from 23-year-old Jason.” Twelve years ago, he was stuck playing daffy college kids, never imagining he’d portray a tragic genius in a Sundance movie with Oscar buzz. But even the most highbrow role of Segel’s career… Read More »