Quid the summer hit? MMMBop (Hanson)

By | August 14, 2015

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Until the end of this month we get every day a summer hit the dust away. Today: MMMBop Hanson

Ten years old I was, and I found the agility of my kinderheupjes during washing at scout camp. We climbed all together on the table, giggly girls in old T-shirts of our fathers, rags should protect our bathing suits from the paint battle that morning now that was nevertheless explicitly mentioned in the packing list that our leaders for the camp sent out. From a radiocassette player echoed MMMBop, the summer hit of that time, like ten minutes earlier had blown dust from the corners of the parish hall of Nederoverkuttegem. I was Zac (I was always Zac) and on the rickety tables, soaked with soapy water and teenage enthusiasm, others Zac and Taylor were about to give the best of themselves. Nobody ever chose “Die Old“, if only because no one knew his name.

Nobody knew neither the text, let alone the meaning of the song, although this did not lie to our poor knowledge of English. The nineties harbored excellent popparels, tunes which served as accomplished teachers of English which our parents refused to correct when we merrily skipped down the hallway while we claimed that we were honey.

However MMMBop is a song that had more potential than a catchy chorus and some very young, long-haired soul mates with whom we sometimes wanted to hold hands. (Again: That Old did not count) Who will take the text there after a number of “what the fuck?! ‘S understand that the verses of MMMBop did think about what is really worthwhile in life that things exist as fleeting friendships and relationships but that in difficult periods’ll find out who really is on your side.

Not a bad message for a bunch of primary school-goers who have the horror of secondary still ahead, methinks.

Although the song in more than 27 countries stood at No. 1, it was nominated for a Grammy and Rolling Stone Magazine has included it in their Best Of 1997 list, the MMMMBop has lots of opponents, especially by the “childish text” and “ridiculous optimistic “tune. Little did they know that the song was originally sung as a ballad, and only after intervention by producer duo The Dust Brothers (Beck, The Beastie Boys) are received huppelige character.

Because the Hanson Brothers offered a nice counterbalance to the violence of Notorious BIG and (then) Puff Daddy who dominated the charts at the same time, radio stations ran the hit gray. White even. At one time everyone was so tired song that opening riff alone for years a Pavlovian oorbedekreflex losweekte.

So used the Delone Catholic High School in Pennsylvania MMMBop for money fundraiser for victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The school played the song every morning and between each lesson to a certain amount has been collected. Coarse perhaps, but in the meantime the brothers realized that this song would be their greatest legacy despite efforts to new albums and set up his own brewery. The Hansons doubled even the money that was collected during this “Stop The Bop” campaign and gave each student from the school a copy of their latest album ‘Underneath‘. Sporty.

As the child star perishes, or rather just not the Hansons have now grown up with wife, child and probably also just white picket fence around their front yard. Let this information especially for too long and you act like the Hanson Brothers and their cheerful gebeebop as postcard to more simple times. While we’re not busy did to us about our weight while table dancing, times when it all okay was the girl in love with a boy who looked like a girl or maybe we would have even a guy who looks like a girl . Times when our only concern was a litany of our parents when it turned out that we were still managed to spill paint on our bathing suits.

Goooooooooo Summer Fans! (Yeaheaheah!)


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