HNET Newsletter Aug 14, 2015

By | August 14, 2015


Taylor took this pic of our bud Butch Walker, who was rocking Cains Ballroom in Tulsa earlier this summer. We have live music on the brain, and he is somebody who knows how to bring it live on stage! Shout out to all the Butch Walker fans!


After a little more than a week hashing through songs and doing preproduction, yesterday was our first day recording. We are already finished with the first two basic tracks and are shooting for two more today (knock on wood). It seems like every time we get into the studio we are trying to spend more time preparing and pushing ourselves to work faster, but it seems like the kind of music we make is best when you let instinct be your guide. We have the whole band in Tulsa for the next few days of basic tracks and early tour prep. Next week we will move on to overdubs.  Things are coming together really well, looking forward to sharing more soon.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


HANSON will appear at the Arizona State Fair on November 6th as part of the Coliseum Concert Series at the Arizona State Fair. Reserved tickets are $15 and go on sale Saturday, September 12th. For more details, visit the AZ State Fair website.


Visit the store and get ready to attend the Roots & Rock ‘N’ Roll tour in style with your Jean Jacket (only available as a pre-order Item), Tattoo Set and Bumper Sticker set. Pre-Order ends Monday August 24th.


Mark your calendars to join HANSON live from 3CG Studios for aLive Tonight streaming onFriday, Aug 28th at 6PM CT. aLive Nightcap for Fan Club Members immediately following.

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