HNET Newsletter June 26, 2015

By | June 26, 2015


Rehearsing for the Alive Tonight stream. Tune in at 6pm CT to join us at!


Summer has officially arrived in Oklahoma.  Regardless of all the rain we have had over the past weeks, temperatures are well into the 90’s and looking to stay that way, but the summer heat is not all bad. The heat means that the months of waiting are over and this coming Monday, June 29th, our Fall US tour will finally be announced.  Before the details are released we thought we should set the tone for the tour with a live stream.  Today at 6PM CT join us for Alive Tonight from 3CG studios.  We will be playing music, taking questions from twitter and as well as sharing videos and talking about upcoming concerts.  After Alive Tonight we will keep things rolling with Nightcap, a members only stream with more music and… just more.  It should be a really fun time. We hope you will Join us live, or watch both streams on loop over the weekend.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


Alive Tonight!
During the public stream, you can tweet your questions to HANSON by using the hashtag#AskHANSON.

Alive Nightcap
During the members part of the stream, questions will be taken using PMs (private messages) to AskHanson. Members can go ahead and start asking questions now and throughout the stream.

Suggested topics for questions include:
Cover songs
Music in general

Make sure to join HANSON live from 3CG Studios for Alive Tonight streaming on Friday, June 26th at 6PM CT.  Alive Nightcap immediately following. 


Fan Club Exclusive! Tired of your old voice mail message, but not sure how to spice it up? You’re in luck! When you’re not able to answer the phone, let HANSON get it for you!  Treat your friends, telemarketers, debt collectors and wrong numbers to the world renowned vocal stylings of Isaac, Taylor or Zac Hanson.  They may be famous, but they talk on the phone just like normal people, and change their voice mail message more often than they drink an ice cold bottle of Mmmhops.  All you have to do is enter the HANSON.NET VOICE MAIL CONTEST byJuly 5th and you will be entered into a drawing to win one of 15 voice mail messages. For details, CLICK HERE.


Make sure to renew your membership because there is a lot just around the corner.  Join or Renew in 2015 and get the new members Only EP Inside The Box which is shipping out now.  Make sure your membership is current before HANSON hits the road with a US tour this fall so you can get pre-sale tickets, meet and greets, and more.  Don’t miss out on live streams every month from June through September.  This is a great time to be a member. JOIN today.

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