Taylor Hanson takes ‘Food on the Move’ around Tulsa

By | April 24, 2015


TULSA – It’s “Food on the Move” and it’s heading your way.

The mobile food initiative is driving towards Tulsa for the fourth event since August of last year.

It’s a way for people to find fresh produce and be able to just “pay what they can.”

“This is a mobile food partnership focused on helping to reach people who are hungry. Hungry families that you know live in diverse parts of the city, as well as change the conversations towards ending food deserts in Tulsa,” said Taylor Hanson.

Hanson says a “food desert” is a part of town where access to fresh veggies and groceries is limited.

He put together the mobile food events to include a mobile grocery store, food trucks and even live music.

The next “Food on the Move” event is scheduled for May 21.