Daily Archives: April 14, 2015

Hanson on KMOD podcast

KMOD Hanson called in to KMOD from Germany yesterday Posted Monday, April 13th 2015 @ 10am HAPPY MONDAY!!!! We Covered The Best & Worst Parts Of The Weekend, We Gave Away Some Tickets, Talked To An Awesome Listener, & Got A Call From Germany!!!! Read more: http://www.kmod.com/media/podcast-big-mad-morning-show-bmmsshow/bmms-41315-25965124/#ixzz3XK8vGHnN

Beer instead of music: The Hansons guest in BA

Radio Bamberg  (article has been translated to English) Beer instead of music: The Hansons guest in BA April 13, 2015 17:22 With the hit MMMBop they have become known: The Hanson. But in the meantime, the three brothers have also discovered another profession for themselves: brewmaster. To share, were the guys in Bamberg in Mahrs Bräu guest. We… Read More »

Tuesday Trivia

The song Been There Before was started during the Underneath era but stood out again as a contender when recording The Walk. Who wants to be a LEGO Master Builder?