Ashley Davies: Lyrics make the most out of music

By | April 15, 2015


Sometimes, however, it’s best to ignore what’s being said. Radiohead make music so sublime it shouldn’t be listened to if you have any significant decisions to make that day but, heavens to Betsy, the lyrics are hokum sometimes. Other songs are written to make you dance and engage your funk than rather than your brain, so the daftness of the words is neither here nor there. Look up the words to the Bee Gees’ Staying Alive. Utter tosh. As for Duran Duran’s Rio – “Cherry ice-cream smile, I suppose it’s very nice.” You what, Simon? It makes you wonder which lyrics didn’t make the cut. Remember Mmmbop, the catchy 1990s song by those blond teenage boys Hanson? You probably never even heard the lyrics in the verses, but buried in that jaunty pre-pubescent voice are words that look like a young goth’s cry for help on social media.