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By | February 27, 2015


The spirit of the next HANSON Day celebration has everyone excited at HANSON HQ – we hope you will be joining us!


The temperature says It is nine degrees outside and there is snow falling on the streets of Tulsa once again, but everyone at 3CG is getting in the mood for spring. This week is HANSON Day announcement week. Tickets are up for all the special events like bowling and movie night, and the paint brushes and cameras are hard at work preparing for the HANSON Day Gallery.  It won’t be long now, or at least that is what we keep telling ourselves, as we huddle next to the space heaters. Next week we will be back in the studio for a few days to put the final touches on the 2015 Members EP. On Friday night we will be streaming from 3CG studios talking about HANSON Day and then we will keep the cameras rolling and let members watch as we get back to work on the new EP. Hope you will join us.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


If you are a HANSON fan, you don’t want to miss HANSON Day.  Every year in May HANSON hosts fans from all around the world in Tulsa, OK for a weekend long celebration of music, art and community.  Hear brand new songs performed for the first time, go inside the multi-tracks of classic HANSON albums and experience one of a kind pieces of art created exclusively for HANSON Day.

“Every year as HANSON Day approaches we look forward to sharing new music we have been working on, as well as our plans for the future” – Isaac

All fan club members get free admission to the HANSON Day concert, State of The Band talk and the HANSON Day Art Gallery.  There are also special ticketed events like the I Heart 2 Bowl Tournament, Movie Night, the HANSON Day Lectures and More.

“Every year during the HANSON Day weekend we love to share what is new, but it is also a way to say thank you to this amazing community of people that have supported us for nearly 20 years” – Zac

All you have to do to attend is have a current fan club membership and RSVP for the event in the calendar section.  We hope to see all of you in Tulsa this May.

For more details, click here.


RSVP began on Thursday for HANSON Day and we are excited to see all of the members that have RSVPed so far. Event Tickets are selling quickly, you can check out the HANSON Day Event Tickets in the store after you RSVP.The first step to attending Hanson Day is to RSVP. To RSVP, go to the Calendar section. Look for the Tulsa, OK – HANSON DAY WEEKEND event. You’ll see an RSVP button – click it. That’s it. You’ve RSVPed. Once you RSVP, you can proceed to the store to purchase individual event tickets. Check out Zac’s RSVP Video Tutorial for step by step instructions.

RSVP begins: FEB 26, 2015
RSVP deadline: MAY 1, 2015.

Note: Each member must login and RSVP from his/her own account. Each member must purchase his/her own ticket for any event.


Join HANSON Friday night for a Public stream to talk about HANSON Day 2015 and the new Members Only EP.


Go inside the studio for another fly on the wall stream as HANSON continues to put the final touches on the 2015 Members Only EP.
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